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Our Vision & Mission Statement


1.  Renewing hope of the hopeless, by fighting for justice against marital violence, child abuse, and rape.

2.  To assist Women to be financially independent

3.  Encouraging education among the female gender

4.   Making Marriage(s) enjoyable and not endurable.

To achieve no 1 we follow up any rape or marital violence case to ensure justice prevails.

To achieve no 2 we organise free training, and skills acquisition programmes that help women to established their own business(s).

To achieve no 3 we organise seminars, and teachings, that educate women on things expected of them as wives.

Who We Are


Women of Inestimable Values Foundation (WIVF) is a Non-Govermental Organisation, formed on the 6th of June 2017 by some group of women with passion, to end gender discrimination, Marital violence , and sexual abuse  in our society, Wivs are passionate  to inculcate in women the knowledge they need to become better wives to their husbands, better mothers to their children and better women to the society.


WIV Foundation helps women to be hardworking, and able to contribute to the growth and development of their community and society at large.

Support Our Vision, let's stand against Woman/Child Abuse